I was born and grew up in Geneva, Switzerland and graduated in Fine Art at Teesside University in Middlesbrough, UK. I’ve been drawing for as long as I remember. When I was younger I would draw the things I would see around me, and my interests at that place in time. This included portraits, cartoons and stars in magazines. Occasionally I would draw from my imagination; in sixth grade this was a drawing of a filmstrip sequence. Everything I drew back then was helping me to evolve my dreamscape and understanding of form and colour.

Art to me was and still is personal and meaningful and presented a door to a part of myself I was only discovering would help, teach and guide me in my life journey. Similarily to many other people I would sometimes doodle inexplicable shapes in class, in front of a movie or on the phone. This way of drawing would allow me to shut my mind off without worrying about what shapes and forms were to come out.

These doodles increasingly presented themselves in my other drawings such as my portraits and depictions of flowers.

My perception of things was evolving and I would draw in every spare moment I found. However, by summer 2013 I felt I had reached a dead end and no longer felt the same inspiration I had previously experienced in executing my high school art projects. I decided that the only way to get past a lack of inspiration was to keep on drawing. In this spirit I would carry a small notebook on myself daily and would scribble away. This method of drawing allowed me to keep creating, calm my nerves as well as resolve certain unsettled thoughts and emotions. This was the point at which I decided to delve deeper into this intuitive and abstract form of art.


By summer 2014, I noticed that my scribbles with all their hesitant lines started to become clearer with increased precision, and there emerged more recognisable shapes and forms. After a year, I had come to realise that this form of doodling was a meditative process for me.

During the years I was at university I did a lot of research on matters of the mind, heart, creation and spirituality and all these took part in the development of my patterns. In addition to my literal research, I also began experimenting with different mediums; painting with acrylic and oils, printmaking and later on, drawing on wood. Creating pieces with these different mediums pushed me to explore the life of my patterns, loosening them up or doing tinier more intricate patterns.

Colour also plays a large part in my pieces. I remember giggling to myself once when I noticed that when I used to get upset I would use even more colours than usual. With time I have grown more comfortable with the use of different colours how and where to apply them and trust in process instead of the confusion I would sometimes feel some years earlier.

I currently have many doors open as I continue to discover this form of art through different mediums and experiment with several techniques to better my images. I see art as a tool for enjoyment and I hope you can take as much pleasure viewing my pieces as I do creating them.